VSCode – write EPIPE error
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VSCode – write EPIPE error

VSCode – write EPIPE error

This article focuses on a Windows fix. Uncrustify is one of the main code formatter being used for Salesforce development. It has been working fine so far but after a recent update for some reason, it stopped working. We started getting this error:

This happens due to missing Path to the uncrustify folder. Assuming you already have uncrustify installed as an extension on VsCode, the solution to this issue can be:Find where uncrustify is installed on your machine, on a Windows 10 OS, the default location is : C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\MetaPkg\uncrustify

  • Open your Environment variables
  • Add path to uncrustify to windows PATH and click save.

Go back to VsCode and try to use uncrustify again. This should resolve the Write EPIPE error on VS Code.

Written by
Lovyash Chauhan